2015-16 State Report Card Coming Next Week

2015-16 State Report Card Coming Next Week
Posted on 09/09/2016
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The Ohio Department of Education is scheduled to release the 2015-16 state report card results for all Ohio schools and districts onThursday, Sept. 15. For the first time under Ohio’s new format, the report card will assign letter grades to each of the six areas measured by the once-a-year state assessments.

“We are certainly not alone, but Lakota’s report card will look very different than it has in years past and we want our community to be prepared for that,” said Lakota Superintendent Robb Vogelmann. Like other similar districts statewide, Lakota anticipates a drop in letter grades across most components.

The drop doesn’t correlate to waning student achievement, but more to a new and evolving set of achievement standards facing all Ohio school under the new grading scale.

“The expectations for student achievement across the board get higher each year and the state’s measurement tool – or the test – continues to change, too,” Vogelmann said. “That makes it difficult to track our students’ year-over-year growth, but either way, we are up for the challenge.”

“Regardless of what this one snapshot in time suggests, Lakota is an excellent school district. We will continue to challenge ourselves and our students in a way that prepares them for the end game, which is always our top priority,” Vogelmann continued. “We are committed to giving our students every opportunity to prepare for life beyond high school and we must recognize that the state’s report card doesn’t tell the whole story of the Lakota experience.”

Lakota will share its state report card results next week, in addition to other student achievement data that captures the school district’s success at developing students who are college- and career-ready.