District Benefits From Auditor Giveback

District Benefits From Auditor Giveback
Posted on 09/22/2016
Lakota logoThanks to good fiscal stewardship, the Butler County auditor’s office is able to return about $2 million in fee money county-wide. Local entities such as schools, cities and townships, libraries and parks are once again the recipients of the giveback, in which surplus real estate fund money is given back to the community.

Lakota is one of 16 Butler County school districts benefitting, receiving $463,480 in refunded fee money. “As part of our annual budgeting forecast, we have planned to receive some funds as part of the giveback,” states Lakota Treasurer Jenni Logan.

She adds, “While the sum is a small amount when compared to our overall budget of $145.8 million, every bit helps as we continue to hold costs and to get the best return on investment for local taxpayers. We’re appreciative of Auditor Reynolds’ efforts in sharing these surplus monies with our communities.”

Logan adds, “Lakota continues our commitment to fiscal responsibility and stretching our dollars to make the biggest impact possible. That’s evident through our balanced budget that’s $19.8 million less than the school district spent in 2010, despite state funding that has dropped 7 percent in the last five years.”

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