IKEA "Dress Me Up" Event Pays Off for Students, Lakota Arts

IKEA "Dress Me Up" Event Pays Off for Students, Lakota Arts
This is the image for the news article titled IKEA "Dress Me Up" Event Pays Off for Students, Lakota ArtsAt last year’s "Dress Me Up" event more than $6,300 was raised in less than an hour. Thanks to IKEA generously matching proceeds from the auction and sale of student-decorated dressers and framed art, the 18 participating Lakota schools received funds to benefit their arts programs.

And this year's event, which will be held Tuesday, April 26 from 6-7 p.m. at IKEA, should boost art programming for students.
From purchasing a drying rack or art reading material, the art teachers make good use of the funds.

According to art teacher Amy Panfalone, “Proceeds from the IKEA 'Dress Me Up' event benefit Ridge Junior School by helping to fund our art club each year. The art club has roughly 50 members and the funds from the auction supplement the participation fee, enabling us to provide club t-shirts and materials. We even continue the cycle by purchasing paint for the dressers each year.” 

At Lakota West, art teacher Stephanie Gauer uses the money in a different manner. “I’ve used these funds to help students pay for the entry fees for some of the competitions we participate in, which provides more experience for the students. I’ve also purchased the banners on Main Street that recognize our national Scholastic award winners. My hope is to fund a field trip in the future.”

The opportunity to raise funds for the arts programs is just one of the benefits of the event – the main purpose being to showcase Lakota’s art program. According to Lauren Boettcher, executive director of Media & Community Relations, “The financial support for Lakota’s art program has been a welcomed benefit to our partnership with IKEA. But what we appreciate most is the opportunity to give our students a real-world application for their artwork beyond the four walls of their art classrooms.”

She adds, “Students have the opportunity to exhibit their creativity in front of a much larger audience than their peers and teachers. That’s the type of learning that gets students excited and motivated to give their all toward something. For many of our students, art brings balance to a rigorous academic schedule. It helps them build self-confidence and express their creativity. For some, it’s even a point of discovery for a future career path.”

This will be the fourth year for “Dress Me Up,” and will take place at IKEA on Tuesday, April 26 from 6-7 p.m. IKEA will once again match all contributions  up to $2,500 with all proceeds benefiting Lakota’s arts programs. The public is welcome to attend and bid during the auction portion of the evening. Only cash and checks will be accepted for payment.

Click here for a sneak peek at this year’s art. Click here to view a flyer on the "Dress Me Up" event.

The finishing touches are done and the paint is drying, just in time for this year's Dress Me Up, which will be held Tuesday, April 26. Here, students at Endeavor Elementary (top) and Ridge Junior School (bottom) complete their paintings, in preparation for the fundraiser that showcases Lakota's art program.