Lakota Celebrates Digital Learning Day Fifth Annual Event Encourages Technology

Lakota Celebrates Digital Learning Day Fifth Annual Event Encourages Technology
This is the image for the news article titled Lakota Celebrates Digital Learning Day Fifth Annual Event Encourages TechnologyTeachers and their creative use of digital tools are shaping modern learning for students at all 22 Lakota schools every day. One day a year, the district joins the nation to celebrate and showcase this “digital learning” on Digital Learning Day.

This year’s Digital Learning Day fell on Feb. 17, with every building joining the celebration with a focus on digitally-enhanced lessons, student activities and digital collaboration.

“It’s an amazing day where we can recognize and celebrate the many ways our teachers and students are using digital tools and technology to enhance students learning,” said Krista Heidenreich, Lakota’s director of digital learning. “Not only in our core subjects but in all areas of instruction!”

For example, students in Lakota West's American sign language class connected with four different Lakota second grade classrooms through video conferencing. They took turns reading and signing vocabulary words from popular children’s books. High school students also showed second-graders how they can use signs in their classroom as well as how to spell their own name.

At Lakota East, the teacher integrated a digital assessment app with her English as a Second Language students to enhance their understanding of specific vocabulary words and definitions. Other students, in the medical interventions class, utilized digital tools and data collection equipment to test biofeedback therapy on each other. Students were attached to various sensors, while their partners collected and analyzed data.

Art students at Liberty Junior School used a new online learning platform for students to view and collaborate on digital instructional materials at home and at school in preparation for creating one-point perspective drawings.

Students in a math class at Union Elementary used an online journaling app to solve complex measurement and data problems that centered on volume. The problem-based approach allowed for students to share their work in real-time with the entire class, generating ongoing dialogue and strategic thinking.

First grade students at Creekside Early Childhood School digitally recorded their mathematical problem-solving steps allowing the teacher to review these steps, and identify and address any learning need.

Many students attending the new elementary technology special were introduced to robots that will help them learn computer coding concepts and ideas.

“It’s not only a day of celebration for what’s happening in our classrooms with digital learning, but also a time to share best practices and what’s best supporting student learning district wide,” explains Heidenreich. “This sharing of ideas, cross district collaboration and district wide support continues to benefit our students and further increase their engagement in learning.”

It's much more than a typical book report as students at Adena Elementary use technology to read and comment on each others' research reports.

Students in Lakota East's Medical Interventions class use sensors to monitor their biofeedback, noting how  stress levels affect functions in their bodies. This digital learning session engaged students in real life practices and helped them experience content in a whole new way.


Immediate feedback from students help the teacher instantly address any misunderstanding or confusion. Here, students at Plains Junior respond to digital assessments, while also posing questions online.