Students Design Logos with a Purpose Project Brings New Look to Child Nutrition

Students Design Logos with a Purpose Project Brings New Look to Child Nutrition
This is the image for the news article titled  Students Design Logos with a Purpose Project Brings New Look to Child NutritionWho better to create a new logo for Lakota's Child Nutrition department than the students themselves?
That’s why Chris Burkhardt, director of child nutrition, decided to challenge students in grades 3-6 at Union Elementary to develop a new logo. “Since the artwork will need to reach out and motivate our students, it just seemed like a natural fit to have them provide insight. At first, I thought we could have the students share their reactions to new designs. That initial idea led to a unique creative challenge of having them actually create the logos,” he explains.
The project was more than just an artistic challenge as the students worked in small groups to accomplish the task. “We wanted to really push them with this project, so we had it incorporate many aspects of business, such as research, graphic design and presentation skills,” explains Kyle Lichey, assistant principal at Union. “The students honed their teamwork and presentation skills, using technology to display their ideas. Most groups used some form of technology to enhance their idea, whether that be in the creation phase or during their presentation.”
While the artwork is impressive, it is other aspects that truly show the students’ growth. “I was absolutely impressed with the presentations. Some were so professionally done that I truly learned a lot about the student’s thought process,” Burkhardt said. “I was truly blown away by the response of the students. But it wasn’t only me. My staff was shocked that such professionalism came out of young students.”
He adds that the research the students completed was also remarkable. “They did so much research into graphic forms, colors and their meanings and even brand recognition, using what they learned to improve their ideas.”
Most of the groups have presented, with the final groups to do so before spring break. The panel of judges will then select the top logo, with an announcement of the new design and launch planned for late in the school year. 
The logo challenge isn’t the only novel way that students have partnered with Child Nutrition this year. Fifth grade students in Molly Adams’ gifted class at Endeavor Elementary recently completed a project in which they redesigned a school lunch.
“The concept was for them to research the components, determine the best food items for the nutrition value and cost, then to piece together a lunch that would be appetizing, filling and healthy,” Adams said. “It was neat to see their creativity and strategic choices.”

A group of third grade students at Union Elementary present their logo idea for Child Nutrition’s new look. Students at the school were challenged with researching and creating logo ideas, then presenting them to a panel of judges. Pictured from left to right: Blake Gibbs, Christa Mathew, Layla Shalash, Sidney Brumant, Will Snider, Grant Wiegand, Molly Suding, Brody Boiano and Jacob Bischoff.