Science Lab at VanGorden Connects Students from Different Grade Levels

Science Lab at VanGorden Connects Students from Different Grade Levels
Science can be fun and educational at the same time – and, thanks to students at VanGorden Elementary, it’s a great way to interact with students at other grade levels.

Students in Shelly Jerome’s advanced science class recently created science lab stations, complete with numerous hands-on activities to stimulate learning. Then, they presented the information to the school’s second- and third-grade classes, engaging the younger students in the activities.

“The root of this started when the students volunteered for Pi Night at Lakota West back in early March,” explains Jerome. “Thanks to Daniel Colpi, a parent of one of my students, who was instrumental in helping make it happen, they stayed after school one day a week for a month creating the presentations and practicing what they wanted to teach about science during the March 11 Pi Day event.”

And the older students were so into what they learned, they wanted another opportunity to share. Jerome continued, “All of the students were involved in organizing and presenting the science information to the second- and third-graders. They took the information from Pi Day and added to it, creating five science lab stations that were age-appropriate.”

Stations included a description of action inertia, the properties to make gigantic bubbles, the properties of slime, how to make a hovercraft, and air pressure in a straw versus an apple.

“I’m very proud of the work the sixth-grade students completed and their leadership on this project,” said Principal Gail Allshouse. “It was a great way for the older students to serve as role models for the second- and third-graders. Ms. Jerome’s class did an excellent job of presenting their stations and leading the hands-on activities.”

“The students really enjoyed talking with the younger students and sharing what they had learned. It was neat to see both age groups benefit from this project,” added Jerome.