Alternative Transportation

Transportation & Daycare

Instead of their homes, some Lakota students require transportation from and/or to their daycare providers. Transportation is available to and from schools and day care centers within each Lakota early childhood or elementary school’s attendance zone either by a day care van or a Lakota bus. Parents should contact their day care provider to ask if van or bus service is provided. No more than one alternate location will be honored.

Please remember to complete a new Child Care Form with current information each school year and return to your child's school by June 15 prior to the start of the new school year. It is very helpful for the Transportation Department to have this form prior to creating the next year’s bus routes.

Transportation/Child Care Form (KG - 1)
Transportation/Child Care Form (Grades 2-6)

Due to the large number of Child Care Forms filed in August, it may take up to five (5) days for changes to be verified and added to the bus route. Please do not put your child on a bus or assume that the change is in effect until you have been notified of the approval. Once approved, the Transportation Department will fax the confirmation back to your child's school.

Exception One Time Change of Bus or Stop

Students are assigned to ride particular buses and to be picked up and dropped off at specific bus stops. For students’ own safety and security, they may not change buses or stops without a permission slip signed by the parent and approved by the principal or designee.

This permission form must be presented to the driver of the bus the student will ride. Permission to change buses or stops will only be granted in special and unusual circumstances. Please remember that requests to ride a different bus for social reasons cannot be honored.