Student Fanfare Events/ Parade of Graduates

Student Fanfare Events: An Easy Way to Support Our Students

fanfare photo

Lakota Local Schools introduced a new series of community fanfare events supporting student achievement during the 2016-17 school year.

The concept is a simple one: Line the school’s entrance and give students high-fives and words of encouragement as they are filing into school, providing students with a visual display of all their supporters during times like testing and the start of a new semester. 
The concept, derived from a first day of school tradition at Hopewell Junior School, brings community and school leaders together to send a message of support to Lakota students. At different times throughout the school year, the district invited community residents and businesses to join school staff for a fanfare-like welcome for students at every Lakota school.  

The student fanfares have proven so popular with students, their families and community members that we’ve already begun planning them for next academic year. 
Please check back in the late summer for the 2017-2018 schedule.

Watch a video from the fanfare at Lakota East:

Parade of Graduates

Parade of graduates

A parade of graduating seniors, dressed in their caps and gowns, took place at each elementary building on May 15. The younger students will lined the halls, cheering and celebrating the seniors as they pass. During the parade, seniors received congratulatory letters of advice and encouragement written by the elementary students as a souvenir of the event. 

This initiative from the Champions for Change program is designed to celebrate the achievements of our graduating students as well as provide role models for those in the elementary grades.

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