Lakota Celebrates Board Appreciation Month through Students’ Eyes

Lakota Celebrates Board Appreciation Month through Students’ Eyes
Posted on 02/01/2017
Board Appreciation Month - Student Recognition photo

Board appreciation month photoThe Jan. 23 school board meeting featured a unique display of appreciation for the service of Lakota’s five Board of Education members – through the eyes of five Lakota students.

To help recognize January as National School Board Appreciation Month, three sixth grade language arts classes at Adena, Hopewell and Union elementary schools put in writing their appreciation for Lakota’s school board. With the guidance of their teachers – Kate Chaney, Krista Hoctor and Kelly Law – they found a real application for recent units and then presented their work to the board.   

Hopewell students, for example, participated in a research project overlapping with business letter writing. Students investigated the roles of elected officials, including school board members. Following a rubric for business letter writing, they composed their own letters to Lakota’s school board.

Hopewell student Hadyn Revell’s letter was selected among her classmates to be read aloud at the school board meeting. It referenced the personal value of such opportunities as after-school programs and advanced classes.

The class at Union made the exercise an extension of their recent lesson in argumentative writing to simulate writing a formal letter of request to an elected official. Tyler Linam’s argument supporting increased time in academic specials won out among his peers.

The class at Adena made it a group exercise that practiced the skills of letter writing and public speaking. Sixth-graders Zara Silvis, Kristina Amundson and Lucy Enneking represented their class at the podium during the board meeting.

One note of thanks from their letter: “One specific thing we want to thank you all for is the addition of STEAM to the curriculum. It teaches us to problem solve, be creative, and work with our peers more directly.”

Pictured above (left to right): sixth-graders Tyler Linam (Union); Lucy Enneking, Kristina Amundson and Zara Silvis (Adena); and Hadyn Revell (Hopewell).