Innovative, Made-to-Order Menu Options

Child Nutrition Adds Innovative, Made-to-Order Menu Options

Menu options around Lakota continue breaking the mold for K-12 cafeteria-style eating. Child Nutrition Director Chris Burkhardt, named a top 10 influencer in the national foodservice industry, continues to introduce innovative, cost-conscious and healthy cafeteria concepts.

That includes a number of made-to-order lunch options that the national foodservice magazine says “rivals Chipotle.” The noodle bar, introduced as a pilot at Lakota West High School, adapts Chipotle’s popular customization and serving model, allowing students to mix and match their choice of proteins, vegetables and sauces. The dish is prepared on the spot using induction cooktops and will be available in all four high school campuses, beginning in the 2015-16 school year.

Other food stations at Lakota's junior high schools and high schools follow the same model, including a SLURP bar for custom soup orders. Students may select from a range of broths, proteins, vegetables and grains. A panini bar presents the same range of options to students.

A partnership with Domino's Pizza is making a more healthful version of its personal pan pizza available in many elementary, junior high schools and high schools around the school district. Another partnership with FUSIAN has made sushi a meal of choice for many Lakota high-schoolers.