New Logo, Taglines for Child Nutrition Project

New Logo Design, Taglines Selected for Child Nutrition Student Project Emphasizes Mission of Health, Wellness, Taste
Posted on 06/28/2016
new logo

The old adage, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” resonates with students, as many of them perceive apples to be healthful, nutritious and tasty.

That explains why an apple serves as the focal point for Lakota’s new Child Nutrition department logo, as developed by Union Elementary students through a recent class project surrounding the challenge. The visual, paired with the tagline “Come for the health…. Stay for the taste” stresses the department’s objective of providing nutritious foods that kids will actually eat.

“The two winning entries were selected based on their ability to easily convey our message,” explained Chris Burkhardt, director of Child Nutrition. “The judges felt this combination of the artwork with the tagline, which were created by two different teams, really solidified our meaning and represented our brand.”

As shared in the March 24 newsletter, students in grades 3-6 at Union Elementary were recently charged with developing a new logo for the department. And, according to Kyle Lichey, assistant principal at Union, the students rose to the challenge.

“It was much more than simply a graphic project, as it included research, presentation skills, teamwork, the use of technology and project management components,” he explained. “This was truly a ‘think out of the box’ project for them, pushing the students to think creatively while honing other skills. On the whole, they did a fantastic job, showing great teamwork throughout.”

The students got to share their results, as well as insight into what they learned, at the May 9 school board meeting, where the logo was first shared publicly.

Congratulations to the following Union Elementary sixth-graders for their excellence in developing the winning logo and tagline: Micah Bolton; Nathaniel Hoelscher; Isabella King; Aarav Kukreja; Rachel McGarvey; Sudiksha Mukherjee; Alex Reffner; Sarah Renfro; Nisso Sacha; and Evan Spicer

Thanks to the work of these and the other teams, the project was a great success. “I’m really proud of the work they accomplished,” said Lichey. “Their work was impressive, not only with their quality end results, but also in how they worked together to accomplish something that, at the beginning, was such a new type of project for them.”