Barb Bossu Volunteer Awards

About Barb Bossu Volunteer Spirit Awards

Barb Bossu was as enthusiastic parent volunteer and the Union Elementary PTA president at the time of her death. The Volunteer Spirit Award was established in 1990 to commemorate her very special dedication to public education by honoring annually a volunteer at the district level and then one from every Lakota school.

Based on nominations, each school selects its own award recipient, and all of these special volunteers are honored at a district-wide ceremony at the end of the school year. The district honoree is selected by the DPC.

Anyone in the school community is invited to nominate a school or district volunteer for the Barb Bossu Award. Everyone is encouraged to take a moment to consider nominating a volunteer who is making positive things happen in their building or in the district. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation for the volunteers that truly make Lakota a special place to educate children.

Nomination Criteria

  • The nominee must be currently involved as a volunteer with a Lakota school or at the district level, but does not need to be a PTA, PTO, or PTSO member.

  • The nominee may be a highly-visible, well-known leader or a behind-the-scenes volunteer. Regardless, he or she should dedicate a lot of time and energy to children at the school or at the district level.

  • Staff members may be nominated based on what they do for children outside the realm of their daily job responsibilities.

The Nomination Process and 2017 District Nomination Form

The nomination process for volunteers at both the building and district levels will near the end of the third quarter each school year. The selection of each school's recipient from the nomination process will be made by a committee. The parent organization in each building will share information about the nomination process (including a nomination form) through school emails. Information will also be distributed via district-wide communications.

Please click here for the 2017 Barb Bossu district nomination form. Use this nomination form to recognize a volunteer who is making a positive impact in our district where students are impacted, and who gives their time unselfishly to the Lakota district. Please email completed nominations to Krysta Weizman at by March 27th, 2017.

Past Barb Bossu Winners

View descriptions of each of last year's award winners below. Click here to view a complete archive of past award recipients by year.

2015 Barb Bossu award recipients

Creekside Early Childhood School: Alison Gehri

Although Alison has only been a part of the Creekside family for a short time, her heart for our community and passion for volunteering is very strong. Alison has served in many roles on the PTO, but none as important as her role of Market Day which many know is a big challenge. With restructuring and schedule conflicts with families, Alison made accommodations and changes to make sure this service to our families continues. During her time at Creekside, Alison has also worked in our media center, participated in organizing the spring social and lent a helping hand when needed for our annual book fair.

Alison understands the impact volunteerism has on the staff, families and students at Creekside.   Her positive attitude and kind interactions with staff and other volunteers creates a ripple effect which encourages others to volunteer. Because of this, it is an absolute honor to be able to present Alison with this year’s Barb Bossu Spirit Award.

Liberty Early Childhood School:  Heather Yelton

Heather Yelton has been an enthusiastic parent volunteer who demonstrates her positive spirit of dedication by serving as the PTO president of Liberty ECS while at the same time volunteering elsewhere, such as Heritage Elementary. Heather is a “permanent fixture” at Liberty, spending many hours each and every week, jumping in wherever something needs to get done. While she volunteers her time “in the limelight”, planning, leading, or just supporting events such as author visits, Barnes and Noble Book Fairs, conference nights, etc. (the list is too long to enumerate here), she also does work behind the scenes. This year she personally met with a representative for US House Speaker John Boehner to discuss school funding and policy changes that have affected the quality of education in Lakota. Whenever something needs to be done, Heather is first to pitch in to make sure it is successful.

Shawnee Early Childhood School:  Alyssa Louagie  

Alyssa is completely dedicated to the Shawnee PTA. She has worked endlessly on various aspects of the PTA this year: Spirit Wear, the Walk-a-thon, After-School Activities, etc. and she still volunteers in the classroom. Alyssa has attended almost every school event and has represented the PTA very well. Alyssa is an integral part of what keeps our PTA running this year.

Wyandot Early Childhood School:  Ellie Rose and Jennifer Wagnon

Jen and Ellie have served as co-presidents of Wyandot’s PTO this year. Their dedication, energy, commitment, and exemplary leadership have been inspiring to the entire board and to the Wyandot community. The pair is always inclusive and willing to try new ideas. They have built an organization not only focused on results, but on encouragement and friendships. This group truly “lifts one another up” and works together well.  What we have been able to accomplish at Wyandot this year is a true testimony to Jen and Ellie and their supportive brand of leadership.  Jen and Ellie are among the best of the best. As a result of their exemplary leadership, the bar has been raised at Wyandot.
Ellie agreed to co-preside for the Wyandot PTO before even setting foot in the building.  Ellie has worked tirelessly to understand the role of PTO President and all the extra hours that entails.  When our school was short on DPC reps, Ellie volunteered.  When we needed people on Walk-A-Thon and Staff Appreciation committees, Ellie volunteered.  When Book Fair couldn’t get enough workers, Ellie volunteered.  Whether it be creating the monthly PTO meeting agendas, popping countless bags of popcorn for movie night, promoting our PTO sponsored programs or recruiting attendees for our community conversation, Ellie has come through with a smile on her face and a kind and happy disposition.  In addition to her work for PTO, Ellie volunteers in her son’s classroom every chance she gets.  Wyandot is a better school and community because of volunteers like Ellie Rose!
Jen’s commitment and “can do” attitude throughout the school year has been phenomenal.  Jen came to every meeting and event last school year. This year she took on the challenge of being PTO president. Her ability to recruit volunteers and to build rapport throughout the organization is second to none!  She has been instrumental in planning, organizing and executing enrichment opportunities for Wyandot students.  Under Jen’s leadership, the PTO is providing funding for a new outdoor classroom, a year-long symphony enrichment, an author visit and COSI on Wheels as well as many other enrichment programs.  Jen is truly a shining star!

Adena Elementary: Tommy Kirk and Kristin Romak

Adena has selected 2 winners this year because their contributions have both significantly changed the quality of the programs for which they are responsible. They are changing lives for the positive at Adena.

Tommy Kirk is selected this year as a winner because of his ongoing work with the Science Labs and Adena Family Science Night. Science Night is now in its third year as one of our most successful PTO events and that is because of Tommy. This event started as a vague idea about wanting to do a free event for our families, focusing on science & technology (which aligned with Lakota's emphasis on STEAM2.) But, it was his vision that turned the vague idea into a concrete event that was geared to students, but also got our parents & community involved as presenters to show students, through hands on experiences, just how many types of careers use STEM principles. This event has also featured Girl Scout troops and Lakota student robotics teams’ presentations. In addition to Science Lab coordinator & Science Night Chair, he contributes to other school events as well, such as Funfest, conference night dinners and classroom help. It’s clear that Tommy's work has benefited the lives of many students at Adena.

Kristin Romak is selected this year as a winner because of her impact on our after school programs at Adena. Kristin was not given much to work from, but in spite of that, she has finely turned our after school programs beginning with the registration process all the way through the evaluation of programs. She carefully ensures that the programs meet the needs of our students and parents. Her work ethic always has her ahead of the game (she has the fall programs and vendors selected now) and she is careful and thoughtful to make sure that vendors meet all Lakota requirements for safety. She leaves no stone unturned and no student left out. These programs are essential for some families who need after school care and want some fun and variety for their children. Kristin makes the difference in people’s lives every day. In addition, Kristin volunteers in the classrooms, helps with teacher appreciation and other school events. Her work is indispensable to our Adena community.

Cherokee Elementary: Johnnetta Creech

Johnnetta Creech is very deserving of the Barb Bossu Award. She has been an active Cherokee PTA member over the past 7 years. During her time here she has given so much time and talent to our school. She has served on our PTA Executive Board as the Vice President of Family Wellness. She has also chaired our Cheetahfest.  Every year she makes our students, staff, and parents happy by organizing a fantastic yearbook. This year she is serving as Cherokee’s liaison with our 6th graders to make sure they create lasting memories in their final year at Cherokee.

One can always see Johnnetta volunteering in additional ways in our school as well. She is always willing to step up whenever and wherever her help is needed. Her focus is always on improving the educational experience of our students.

We have been so fortunate to have an enthusiastic volunteer like Johnnetta. Her dedication to public education and her commitment toward the betterment of children is exactly what Barb Bossu worked so hard to achieve in our district so many years ago. We will miss Johnnetta and look forward to her return when her twins become Cherokee Cheetahs in a few short years.

Endeavor Elementary:  Juli Spata

Juli Spata is an ever present volunteer at Endeavor. When a special project arises, often the first words to be uttered are "Juli would be great for that".  She is "great" for that and is available or will make herself available. Even when she is not directly asked to help with a project, she will see a need and will volunteer her time and talents. Juli does all these things not for the recognition, but to help the staff and especially the students. As Juli ends her tenure at Endeavor, her dedication and spirit will be missed and hard to replace. She has given much of herself to Endeavor's community over numerous years and we are grateful we could honor her with this award.

Freedom Elementary: Avery Blanton and Erica Hamilton

Erica Hamilton is a first-year Freedom parent who always gives her best and really made a splash this year by tackling projects that others wouldn't or couldn't do. She has taken on numerous responsibilities, such as Freedom Movie Nights, Family Fun Night, creating the first ever Freedom Parent Council Facebook Page, providing Monthly Staff Appreciation Snacks/Lunches, assisted with coordinating the After School Enrichment Program, and is helping to coordinate the End of the Year Second Grade Picnic, all while coming in the building weekly to run copies for our second grade teachers. Without her drive and energy, Freedom elementary would have never had the experiences that she has provided for our staff, students, parents and community throughout the year. 

As we say goodbye to Avery Blanton as a parent and volunteer at Freedom, it is fitting that she be recognized as one of Freedom’s Barb Bossu Sprit Award Recipients for the 2014-2015 School Year. Avery has always been very quiet in her work at Freedom. She has given countless hours to the students, staff and Freedom Community. She began volunteering at Freedom in 2009 and has served in many roles during her tenure at Freedom such as:  “MASH”, Copying for Staff, Field Trips, Fall Festival, Family Fun Night, Enrichment Chairperson, Volunteer Chairperson, Hospitality Chairperson, 5th Grade Support of 6th Grade Celebration and Chairperson for the End of Year 6th Grade Celebration/Activities. No matter what the function Avery has always been present and willing to lend a hand to get the job done with a smile on her face. For the last two years she has been volunteering at Ridge while continuing her volunteer work at Freedom. Avery truly exemplifies the positive spirit, dedication to our students and generosity of time and talent for which this award is given each year.

Heritage Elementary:  Laurice Hootman

Laurice Hootman has served Heritage Elementary passionately for the last three years. She is serving in her second year as PTA co-president, and this year alone has helped with the Heritage carnival, open house, teacher meals, snack shack, walk-a-thon, student directory and book fair among others. It is the second year she has been nominated for the Barb Bossu Award. Laurice spearheaded fund-raising for the new Heritage playground last year as well, helping to write the grant which brought $10,000 to Heritage via NFL Play 60 program. She is always willing to help, and is excellent at managing the different personalities of the PTA board. Laurice's generous gifts of her talent and time have truly transformed Heritage in a way few can achieve. Heritage is lucky to have her, and she is valued tremendously by the staff, parents and students.

Hopewell Elementary: Sue Cheney

Hopewell Elementary has chosen Sue Cheney as the 2015 Barb Bossu recipient for countless reasons. She is currently serving in her 2nd year as our PTO President and there is nothing that Sue does not do at Hopewell Elementary. She is a true reflection of Winston Churchill’s quote “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”  Sue is always giving, in so many ways. As PTO President, she is always recruiting volunteers and organizing events to offer to our students. The most significant event is the carnival, which is easily the most sought after event of the year. She has organized the carnival at Hopewell for more years than she can count, which consumes most of her summer and fall months, in order to raise money for our school and provide a wonderful back to school welcome for our students. That isn’t all…she does just about everything else at Hopewell too!! She is here just about every day, organizing materials, setting up Movie Night, bringing the treat cart around to staff, passing out info, stuffing Friday Folders, soliciting volunteers….the list goes on and on. She gives selflessly, all the time, without expectation. Our school community is by far a better place with her around and we know we can always count on her for anything and everything. We are blessed to have her for a few more years and will utilize her wealth of resources and her willingness to give to its fullest potential. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you do. You help us do our jobs better and our staff is so grateful.

Independence Elementary: Latoya Flood

Latoya is a wonderful asset to Independence and to Lakota. As co-president of our PTA, it is clear that our community has been enriched regarding Latoya’s work in our great school.
Consistently throughout the school year, Latoya made herself available to help in a variety of ways, great and small. She can be observed, time and time again, helping teachers with Monday folders, moving from one classroom to another, assisting as needed- helping teachers who did not even have any of her own children! Latoya assists a fifth grade student each week, and she serves as a reading and spelling volunteer in a 2nd grade classroom. She has a loving spirit that makes students and teachers feel valued and sincerely cared for. Latoya’s kindness, acknowledging educators’ efforts, makes our Indy world an amazing place to serve our Lakota community.

Union Elementary: Julie Mislansky   

Julie Mislansky has served multiple volunteer positions in her many years at Union, always with a positive, hard-working attitude and a smile on her face. In her role as our Spirit Day/Reach Out Lakota chair, she recently helped lead a challenge for each classroom to gather 100 items to donate over the week, resulting in over a 3000 item donation to Reach out Lakota for our school that month! Julie has also been the Media Center volunteer coordinator for the last 5 years, spending endless hours assisting our Media Specialist, especially in our book room, benefiting all classes in our school. Whether it is volunteering at a Family Fun Night, Honor Roll Party or being an Area Captain at our Fall Festival, you can always find Julie at the events ready to work hard.  As she graduates from Union this year, she will be greatly missed in her many roles but most importantly the positive attitude she brings to volunteering!

VanGorden Elementary: Shilpa Patel

Throughout her time spent at VanGorden, Shilpa has served in various PTA positions and now serves as the Volunteer Coordinator. Shilpa has an amazing spirit with this role, constantly motivating others to be involved as a partner in education for VanGorden staff, students and family. Shilpa can be seen leading by example, serving others by working in the copy room, popping popcorn for spirit day, serving meals on conference nights and delivering goodies to teachers to say thank you for their work. Shilpa is present at every major event for our students, volunteering at Walk-a-Thon, COSI on Wheels, the Talent Show, the Carnival, and so much more. Behind the scenes, she willingly counts book fair money, sorts carnival prizes and helps with endless tasks that make our events such a success. Without her energy and enthusiasm, VGE wouldn't be able to run so many events and activities for our students. Thank you, Shilpa, for being a wonderful part of the VGE team--we are lucky to have you!

Woodland Elementary: Dana Zucker

Dana Zucker has been a volunteer at Woodland and for its PTO for 5 years. She began her volunteer efforts in the library. Her contributions now encompass nearly every PTO and school event at Woodland! She headed the Playground Project at Woodland 3 years ago that involved planning, organizing, and fundraising for a brand new playground. She volunteers in the classroom, has helped run our magazine sale and book fair, and helps with Staff Appreciation, Staff Meals, the School Membership and Directory, Carnival, and Walk a Thon. She is one of our DPC Representatives this year and serves on Woodland’s Wolf Council. Dana is the first to volunteer to help at any event and her level of enthusiasm and positive attitude is the same whether she is helping with COSI, making copies, or changing out the bulletin boards. She has a true desire to make Woodland the best school it can be and has given selflessly of her time and talents in order to make that happen. She does even more work behind the scenes and we don’t know what we will do without her next year! Without a doubt, Woodland is a better school today because of Dana!

Hopewell Junior: Tamarae Harris 

Tamarae Harris has blossomed into a mainstay at HJS. She spent her first year feeling her way around HJS, volunteering at dances and where ever else she was needed. Her second year she volunteered on the 8th grade dance committee and while it was Liberty’s year to plan, she was a great representative of Hopewell Junior. This year, she has taken full control of the 8th grade dance. She has also brought on 2 new fundraisers that were fun and easy to do. Her constant smile coincides with that of her 2 oldest children that have come through HJS. They too are personable and friendly to everyone and willing to get involved and help out at any time.  Tamarae does all this while balancing a busy life outside of HJS. We can always count on the job done the right way when Tamarae is in charge. Tamarae has been a blessing to HJS over the last 3 years and we are very lucky that Tamarae will be back again in a few years with her younger children. 

Liberty Junior:  Libby Willms

Libby Willms has been the foundation of the LJS PTO for the past three years. She has served as president of the PTO during those three years.  Libby has created a culture within our PTO that is focused on students. That culture has allowed Liberty Junior to continue programs that recognize student achievement and success.  During this time, the LJS PTO donated 40 iPads and carts to our school. She is a tireless volunteer that is continually looking for ways to help or make Liberty Junior a great place for students, staff and families. She is always the first to show up for a dance, honor roll ice cream or a meeting. Liberty Junior will miss Libby Willms next year, but her spirit and legacy will continue on at LJS.

Plains Junior:  Kym Pitel

Kym has been Ms. Spirit Wear for Plains. She works over the summer on spirit wear designs and sells the spirit wear at scheduled pick-up days, curriculum nights, lunch times, Holiday Spirit Shoppe, home sports games and more. In addition to spirit wear, Kym has played a vital role in fundraising to get new poms for the Plains Cheerleaders this year and in putting together end of season gifts for the football cheerleaders. Kym is an adult sponsor of the 8th Grade Beta Club and works hard to bring volunteer opportunities to the group. She has also been involved in other programs to benefit Plains students, like the 7th Grade ID Project. We will miss Kym at Plains next year!

Ridge Junior:  Diane Grimes

In addition to serving as our PTO President, Diane has put her heart and soul into securing the funding, volunteers & space for the I.D. Project, a two-day, all student, staff & community event designed to help students break through ignorance and stereotypes to become more empathetic to their peers. The I.D. Project made a huge impact on everyone who participated -- students and parents alike. Diane is also working to make sure we will be able to continue to offer the I.D. Project to our students in the future. From everyone at Ridge, thanks and congratulations Diane!

Lakota East High School
Main and Freshman Campuses:  John Kinder and Matt & Michele McNally   

John Kinder has been a staple in the Lakota East Athletic Department over the last 14 years.  John volunteers to operate the timer and/or the scoreboard at all varsity football home games, all junior varsity and varsity girls and boys soccer home games, and all junior varsity and varsity girls and boys basketball home games. Over the course of any given school year, John volunteers at approximately 75 athletic events during the Fall and Winter seasons, about 3 to 4 hours each night. It is obvious that John spends an incredible amount of time and evenings away from his family, helping the Lakota East community, in which we are very fortunate.
John and his wife, Kaye, have lived in the Lakota East community since 1993. John also has three sons who have all graduated from Lakota East (Michael ‘99, Christopher ‘02, Nicholas, ‘06).  Day to day, John serves as a Financial Advisor at Kinder Financial.

Matt and Michele McNally exemplify what it means to be involved at Lakota East High School.  They are both a pivotal part of the East Band Program, as well as the Lakota East Women’s Lacrosse Team. There is never a marching band or concert band event where Matt and Michele are not working behind the scenes for our children. They serve selflessly, and give endless amounts of time. We believe that they should receive this award together, because they are rarely found working without the other!

It is evident how much Matt & Michele mean to the girls on the Lacrosse team. Matt is one of the general managers for the Women’s team, which is a year round volunteer commitment, not just during the spring season. Among just some of the duties they have for the team are ensuring that there are volunteers for each game, run the concessions, put together a special night for the seniors each year, take pictures, and most importantly, they are always there as a support system for the players and families.

During the Marching Band Season, Matt & Michele can be found selling donuts after football games having picked up the supply hours before! They are always on hand to take pictures, help with all events, and are best at celebrating the band members by providing treats and encouragement. They are the first to have an idea about how to make something better and then actually follow through with making it happen!

We at LEHS can’t imagine the Lacrosse Team or Marching Band or Jazz Band or Concert Band Programs without them, so the fact that their youngest is graduating this year is going to leave a void difficult to fill!

Lakota West Freshman:  Amy Van Gorp and Carolyn Wetzler

We have had the help of many parents working at the Freshman Campus to make this year a meaningful experience for our students. One of our hardest working parents is Amy Van Gorp.  Amy has made several of our most important programs not only successful for our parents and students, but easy for the staff and administration to present. Amy’s organization and dedication to Teacher Meals, VIP Breakfast and Spirit Activities, contributed to enjoyment of these events at West Freshman. 

Carolyn Wetzler has been instrumental in helping the Social Studies Department of West Freshman retain the speaker for our all school assembly. This speaker is a Holocaust survivor and will make a positive impact on our school’s students in their understanding of the Holocaust and WWII.  Carolyn worked with the Center for Holocaust and Humanities Education to bring in one of their speakers. She was the go to person and took care of communication to secure the speaker.  Carolyn even offered to drive our speaker, Mr. Coppel, to the assembly. Carolyn’s spirit of dedication to the betterment of our students’ understanding of history by bringing history to them in a real and personal experience is significant. This opportunity will put a face to the History that West Freshman students are learning about in their classes.  

Lakota West High School:  Karen Mills and Colleen Wright

If you have been to any sporting event at West over the last few years, you can guarantee that Karen Mills had some part of your purchase! Karen is an amazing woman and greatly appreciated at West for so many things, but her efforts on ensuring the West Concession Stands are organized and profitable (and Plains as well as she has helped with their concession stand organization for at least 8 plus years!!!) is her biggest claim to fame. Karen has been the Lakota West Athletic Boosters Concessions Queen and we are greatly appreciative of all her time and work. We can’t tell you how many hours she puts into coordinating volunteers, stocking the concessions, keeping accurate financial records and even cheering on the Lakota West Firebirds, no matter what sport it is! Karen's youngest daughter is graduating so Karen will be moving on and will definitely be missed but true to Karen fashion, she has already lined up her replacement and is ensuring it will be a smooth transition! We are sure she will be at many Firebird events as her love for West Athletics is obvious! Thank you, Karen, for all your hard work and commitment to our students!

Colleen Wright has been actively involved with the Lakota West Family for many years. She has worked diligently on the Lakota West After Prom for years and Co-Chaired the event the last five, organized countless Senior Picnics for her children's classes, and ensured the Train Show Concession stand runs smoothly every October. Besides these organizational efforts, Colleen is always ready to lend a hand with pretty much anything at West. We appreciate all that she has done over the last many years and we want to recognize her for the hard work and continued regard for all students. This is Colleen’s final year at Lakota West and we want to let her know that she will be greatly missed...but that doesn’t mean she can’t still come back and help out with After Prom next year!

Lakota Local Schools District Recipient(s):  Kari Gutzwiller and Jenny Vanden Eynden

Kari was the organizer and creator of Lakota Pi Day this past March 14. The event was attended by over 1800 parents and children and over twenty vendors. To make this free family-friendly event happen, Kari attended PTA meetings in nearly every K-8 building, created and distributed district and community-wide communication, and coordinated adult and student volunteers all because she felt there was a need for families to see math and science as FUN.

Kari also runs a district-wide student book club in grades K-8. This opportunity is open to any K-8 student interested in coming to the meetings and reading the books she selects. In addition, she has been integral in the development and up-coming pilot of Lakota’s high school shadowing program that is aimed at 8th grade students who want to consider Lakota East or West as their best bet for a high school education. The program will include 80 students this year, with a plan for growth in the future. Her dream was that our high schools have a chance to showcase all that they have to offer to future students in our community as they begin to consider where to attend high school. She sees Lakota as the best education around and wants a venue for us to showcase high school opportunities in what has become a very competitive high school market.

All these ideas have come to fruition this year while Kari has also served on the executive board of Lakota LEADS (a parent group committed to advancing academic opportunities for all students and families) and a volunteer member of the Gifted Steering Committee. Kari has more ideas for ways to make Lakota a better place. The best part is that she will put her good ideas into action and make them happen while never limiting participation to a certain building or particular group of students.

Kari is a parent volunteer that thinks globally and enacts ideas that affect thousands of students and their families. She has taken the Barb Bossu spirit district-wide.

Jenny has been a tireless volunteer across the many schools her children have attended, either heading up or helping in more capacities and at more events than can be listed in this short paragraph! After many years in Lakota she has a wealth of knowledge concerning how the district works and helps others wade through the many changes Lakota has experienced over the past several years. She is a terrific advocate and mentor to parents of younger children - helping them to understand how decisions they make now will best set the stage for a successful educational experience.

As we have adapted to new procedures, changing budgets and new regulations around spending, Jenny has been such a power of influence for fully understanding the policies, making sure the members of the organizations she represents understand and follow these policies, and all with a positive attitude that clearly conveys her desire to do the very best we can for our students and our district. 

She is level-headed (and more importantly, cool headed!), impeccably organized, effective and diplomatic under the most challenging circumstances. She has written or revised by-laws for most of the organizations she's been involved with - helping them to be up-to-date and in compliance with current Lakota policies. Not only has she served as an officer for District Parent Council (Chair for 3 years; Secretary for 1), but she has served a number of years as a DPC Rep for each school her children have attended.

As she prepares to enter her younger son's senior year she has worked hard to make sure she leaves the various organizations in which she has been involved in better shape than when she started and ready to move into the future, and we thank her for that!