2016-17 Report Card Shows Substantial Growth in Key Areas

2016-17 Report Card Shows Substantial Growth in Key Areas
Posted on 09/18/2017
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Encourages Community to Look Beyond the Letter Grades

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The Ohio Department of Education recently released the state report card results for Ohio schools. While Lakota Local Schools shows marked improvement in many areas, the results should be read with some contextual understanding of the continued challenges all Ohio schools are facing under the grading scale.

"Lakota Local Schools continues to provide a high-quality education for our students and that is reflected in this year's report card from the State of Ohio," said superintendent Matthew Miller. He continued, "K-3 Literacy has improved from an F to a B, thanks, in large part, to the hard work and dedication of our early childhood and elementary schools."

Assistant Superintendent Robb Vogelmann is proud of the progress Lakota has made in regards to K-3 literacy stating, "We are proud of the fact that our district is able to meet the benchmarks set by the ODE for our 4,400 students in grades K-3. Our teachers and administrators should be proud of the recent K-3 literacy scores. The current rating is evidence that we are able to support our struggling learners as they progress toward the required scores associated with the State mandated third grade reading guarantee."

Lakota also saw great strides in Gap closing, improving to a C this year. Keith Koehne, Executive Director, Curriculum and Instruction, notes, "Our teachers and administrators worked very hard last year to understand ALL student data, plan for appropriate intervention and enrichment as necessary, and develop those critical relationships with students that are so critical as they face rigorous assessments."

The challenges include students being graded in just six different areas and a continuously changing target for what the state sees as proficient. The ever-changing scale does not allow a true comparison of year-over-year results for state test indicators. The state standard changed from 75% proficient for the 2015-16 school year to 80% for the latest results, which does not indicate the true growth of a district.

Superintendent Miller states, "Testing is only one part of assessing student growth. Many other factors should be taken into consideration. The release of Lakota's first Quality Profile Report later this fall will highlight other areas that should be taken into consideration. As a district, we will continue to work towards individual student growth and personalized learning. Teachers are collaborating and using best practices to ensure that our kids are engaged in learning every single day."

The 2016-17 State Report Card for Lakota Local Schools can be found here.