CRA Club Takes on Sustainable Garden Project

Career Readiness Science Club Takes on Sustainable Garden Project
Posted on 04/19/2018
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Students planting sustainable gardenCareer Readiness Academy (CRA) Science Club students are not just talking about topics like going green, eliminating waste, and reducing chemicals found in foods. They are working together to take on a major project that addresses all three topics - creating a sustainable garden using chemical-free, pesticide-free resources and materials.

“The mission of the club is to educate and inform others of eco-friendly ways to take care of not just our planet, but ourselves and each other,” said advisor and science teacher Lisa Kiesewetter. “We have an incredible group of students who are learning so many life skills by taking on such a project.”

CRA junior Brooke Aragon agrees. “Not only have I learned a lot about what a sustainable garden is and how to create one, but the project has required teamwork, communication, organization and planning skills.”

The club has set up raised garden beds outside the school, and transferred topsoil into the beds. They have started sewing plants indoors in small bio-degradable pots that will eventually be transplanted into the garden (depending on the changing Ohio weather!). The group will be using buckets to collect rain to water the plants.

Organic peat moss, organic top soil and a compost bin have been donated by area businesses like Home Depot and Meyer Landscaping. Eventually the compost will be used to keep the garden fertilized.

Sophomore Amber Szpak, president of the club, says the group is planting everything from carrots to herbs. “We have carefully planned out what we are planting. We are using companion plants (like tomatoes and basil) that help sustain and benefit each other. This will alleviate pests and help with a higher yield.”

What will the group do with their crops? They plan to put together thank you baskets for businesses that have helped them with the project, will donate items to food pantries, and then try some as well. Word has it that they will also set aside a carrot or two for their class rabbit, Poe.