Combining Technology & Project-Based Learning

Combining Technology and Project-Based Learning Across Grade Levels
Posted on 04/24/2018
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Photo of students using FlipgridThe commitment of a mother-son teaching duo to combine technology and project-based learning created positive learning experiences spanning multiple grade levels.

Based on the stages of child development, Lakota East psychology teacher Jared Haynes challenged his students to develop a how-to manual for parents. Students developed videos and websites to help guide parents through the stages of infancy to the teenage years. To put their theories behind moral reasoning development to the test, they also created a series of questions that they shared with students in Jenny Haynes’s technology classes at VanGorden Elementary.

Using FlipGrid, an app encouraging video sharing, students shared their own reactions to different scenarios put forth by their older classmates. One by one, they recorded videos to reflect on various scenarios that called into question their moral and ethical reasoning skills.

“Reviewing actual students’ responses gave students a test group for the theories they’d researched in class,” Jared said.

Likewise, Jenny appreciated the opportunity for her students to use technology in such a productive way. “I started to see how students make decisions about what’s right and wrong based on their life experiences,” she said. “It was neat for them to know that their responses were connecting them with others outside their school and aiding a bigger cause. Introducing technology into the classroom knocks down the classroom walls.”