Creekside Mural Puts School Mission on Display

Creekside Mural Puts School Mission on Display
Posted on 08/30/2017
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A new wall mural greeting visitors to Creekside Early Childhood School is an eye-catching display of the school’s daily mission – to grow creative young minds. 
Lakota art teacher Teri McElroy designed and painted the mural as a reflection of something happening inside not only her own art classroom, but many others throughout Creekside. She wanted to share in one display evidence of all that goes into “growing young people into individuals who are culturally-aware and are going to positively change the world around them one day.” 

She explains that art plays a major role in helping students to reflect on what they’ve learned and apply it creatively. The information and tools students are using across all different subject areas are all equal contributors to a young learner’s educational experience and growth, she says. That is why she makes an effort to bring other subjects like science, math, technology and reading into her art lessons.  

McElroy may be the mastermind behind the mural. But her real intent was to make it a slate for displaying the product of student creativity. All year long, the space will feature different works of art created by students. 

“Student artwork gives people a very tangible way to see the impact their learning is having on them,” McElroy said.