Destination Imagination Teams Wrap Up Successful Year

Destination Imagination Teams Wrap Up Successful Year
Posted on 05/31/2017
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Destination Imagination is a STEAM challenge-based competition for students in kindergarten through the collegiate level. Teams compete against those in their same age-group and chosen category.

Though the teams have parent coaches, the challenge project or skit is completely designed and created by the students, helping to develop teamwork, creativity, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

One of Lakota’s eight teams, calling themselves “We Da People”, included fourth-grader Ellie Brite from Adena, first-grader Adrianna Hale from Creekside ECS, Landen Langhammer from Bethany School, and Cherokee fourth-graders Lucas Boger, Joshua George, Vaughn Hale, and Rory Hruschak.
They decided to compete in the main challenge category “Show and Tech” in which they used technical effects to put on a play with an opening act and a main act. The team had to construct a stage, and also determine a way to move one person on their stage. As their opening act, We Da People created a commercial for a "nutty bar" that made consumers go nutty, and created a "robot gone wrong" on a conveyor belt as their main act.

Teams also must practice for the Instant Challenge, which is the second component of Destination Imagination. On competition day, students are given a previously unknown challenge to complete.

For example, they could be given a premise for a skit to perform, or given supplies to complete a physical challenge. They are given a set amount of time to planning and execute the challenge, and then judged on their creativity and how well they work together.

We Da People placed first in their age group at the regional competition at Miami University in March, and placed sixth at the state competition in Mount Vernon on April 8.

Lakota had eight Destination Imagination teams this year, and teams for the 2017-18 season will form in the fall.