Endeavor Students, Staff Have Fun Getting Ready for New STEAM Lab

Endeavor Students, Staff Have Fun Getting Ready for New STEAM Lab
Posted on 09/25/2017
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endeavor studentsEndeavor students and staff are getting ready to launch their new STEAM lab in January, and have had lots of fun the last two weeks getting a preview of what's to come there and raising funds for the new learning space.

It all culminated with Endeavor’s annual walk-a-thon, with proceeds going to help start up the STEAM lab. “The sky is the limit with types of things we will have in the steam lab," said Endeavor Principal Andrea Blevins. "From 3-D printers to computers for coding and flexible furniture choices, the room will include a variety of resources to help students be creators/producers.”  rocket launch photo

Every day this week, students have been getting a sneak peek at the kind of activities they will get to experience in the STEAM lab. The themed days began with Scientific Monday where Blevins and Assistant Principal Patricia Constable took on the role of mad scientist, amazing students with experiments like walking on raw eggs to show relative force, blowing up balloons with the chemical reaction of vinegar and baking soda, and penetrating a gallon bag of water with pencils.

They ended the week with "Rocket Man Launch", a unique activity designed to get students excited about STEAM. Students watched a short video scenario in which Endeavor’s custodian and cafeteria aide got stuck on the edge of a castle. Then, students received a bag of supplies and worked in teams to design a way (like a rocket) to help him get down. Teachers led the groups through the activity, and helped them test the viability of their designs

"Every grade level participated," Blevins said. "It was a great way to give students a flavor for project-based learning and what it means to try something and learn from it before going back to the drawing board."