Endeavor Students Designing STEAM2 Lab to Open in Fall

Endeavor Students Designing STEAM2 Lab to Open in Fall
Posted on 02/26/2018
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STEAM lab presentations at Endeavor ElementaryFifth grade students at Endeavor Elementary School participated in a Project-Based Learning exercise that not only has a real life solution, but that they will also get to experience first-hand: They designed their school’s new STEAM2 lab. STEAM2 stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and medical. The labs in Lakota’s elementary and early childhood schools give students the opportunity to explore these subject areas through discovery and creativity.


Working in small groups, the students planned all aspects of their future lab. From recommending furniture, creating a mood board, designing a feature wall and choosing technology, the students learned how much work was involved in creating a new learning space. Part of the research process involved field trips to visit STEAM labs at different schools, as well as traveling to furniture stores to see different options. In addition, the students had to take into consideration their budget. “Most groups were thinking about buying 3-D pens and 3-D printers, but then they thought (about other items they needed to buy) and that they may not have enough money left over,” noted fifth-grader Andrew Moody.


Teamwork played an important role when developing their ideas. Eliza McCarthy explained that after finding furniture they liked collaboration was key. “We bounced ideas off of each other to see what would go together and what would look good.”


After agreeing on a plan, each group presented their ideas to a group of teachers and administrators using a Powerpoint presentation and mood board. MacKenzie Nitz was happy that different aspects from each group were chosen to incorporate into the new lab, which will be built over the summer. “All of the groups worked together and we didn’t pick one certain group to win...we put them all together and now it’s going to be our STEAM lab.”


Principal Andrea Blevins began the conversation with her STEAM TEAM as to what their future lab would look like. One member of the team wondered what the students would design and the project grew from there. Blevins is incredibly proud of her students. “I was beyond impressed with the effort, creativity, and skill that went into the STEAM2 Lab designs. The students blew our entire team away with their ability to organize their concepts around a theme, design an interactive and flexible space for a variety of learners, and present so eloquently.”