High School Students Take Home TechOlympics Awards

High School Students Take Home TechOlympics Awards
Posted on 03/16/2017
Students at TechOlympics

Students at TechOlympics

500 students from over 50 high schools recently participated in TechOlympics 2017, the largest IT conference for high school students in the nation. Students heard keynote addresses by leaders in IT and education, attended breakout sessions on IT topics, participated in mock interviews, and competed in a variety of competitions. Lakota was well-represented with 87 students in attendance from both East and West.

Those Lakota students receiving awards at TechOlympics 2017 include:

Jon Zimmerman – 1st place, 3D Modeling
Nathan Spinosa – 4th place, 3D Modeling
Joe Mislansky – 1st place, Speed Texting; 3rd place, Academic Quiz; 4th place, Wiki Races
Mollie Black – 2nd place, Speed Texting
Mitchell Ferguson – 1st place, Kerbal Space Race; 4th place, Speed Texting
Jake Apking – 5th place, Speed Texting
Chris Brown – 4th place, Web Design
Wesley Reed – 1st place, Microsoft IOT
Jacob Lusnak – 3rd place, Kerbel Space Race
Ethan Fine – 1st place, Wiki Races
Julia Sanders – 1st and 2nd place, Art Tech
Sarah Aftab – 5th place, Art Tech
Javier Bahns – 2nd place, NXT Robotics
Nicholas Kiefer – 3rd place, NXT Robotics
Andrew Jivoin – 1st place, Speed Keyboarding
Robert Knauft – 4th place, Speed Keyboarding
Robby Hoover – 3rd place, Tech Trivia
Aaron Wade – 1st place, Xtreme Design

In the Showcase Competition, awards went to these teams: 1st place - Sydni-Dee Venter, Alex Suer, Lina Kaval, and John Ferguson; 3rd place - Andrew Jivoin, Richard Giang, Griffin Noe, Robert Knauft, and Jacob Lickteig.