Lakota High School Students Create Award-Winning Artwork

Lakota High School Students Create Award-Winning Artwork
Posted on 03/29/2017
Out of the Shadows art piece

Scholastic Art Competition, Ohio Governor’s Art Exhibition Select National and State Winners

Lakota’s talented high school art students are bringing home top state and national awards for their drawings, paintings, printmaking, photography and other artwork.

When the national Scholastic Art Award winners were recently announced, seven Lakota students made the list of the top 1% in the nation. The Scholastic Art Awards are the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7-12. Judges poured over a record-breaking 330,000 entries in the regional and national competitions to arrive upon the national Gold and Silver Medalists.

Lakota West’s Trey Small was awarded a Gold Medal for his printmaking piece titled “Out of the Shadows”; his piece will be framed by Scholastic and on display at New York City’s Parson’s School of Design or Pratt Institute’s Pratt Manhattan Gallery. Trey will be attending the National Award Ceremony at Carnegie Hall on June 8. 

Out of the shadows


 There were six Silver Medalists from Lakota including:

Meredith Elstun
(West): drawing titled “H2O”

Child's Play
Shelby Lambright
(West): painting titled “Child’s Play”

Megan Lee
(West): photograph titled “Oblivion”

More than just a fingerpring
Alyson Power
(West): printmaking piece titled “More Than Just a Fingerprint”

Oh deer
Mackenzie Robinette
(East): drawing titled “Oh Deer”

Cut from the same cloth
Lauren Wilson
(East): painting titled “Cut from the Same Cloth”

“This year was exceptional with seven Lakota students being recognized for their creative efforts,” said Lakota West Art Teacher Stephanie Gauer.  “For two of the Lakota West students, their award-winning works were pieces that they created outside the classroom. They took the skills, techniques, and concepts we taught them and explored them further on their own. Through that exploration, they were able to discover new and creative ways to apply them. This is what I believe gives our students a creative edge to their work.  It also proves that through hard work and constant practice, success follows.” 

The Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition also recently announced its regional and state winners. From the 11,500 regional entries, approximately 2,500 are selected to enter the state judging. State jurors then select 300 for the actual exhibition, with 25 of the 300 chosen to receive the Governor's Award of Excellence. Over 30 universities and colleges of art offer scholarships to seniors in the exhibition.

Two Lakota East students were state award winners and their pieces will be on display at the James A. Rhodes State Office Tower starting April 23. The winners were Danielle De LaCruz for her painting titled “I Wanna Get Out of Here” and Luke Villareal for his metals piece titled “Flying Fortress.” 

I wanna get out of here

Flying fortress

These 18 Lakota East students were regional winners: Anastacia Hartinger, Celina Huynh, Ronan Cole (2 pieces), Danielle DeLaCruz, Maiana Wells, Lauren Wilson, Lilyanna Bryan, Madison Lentz, Mckenna Lewis, Sondos Hasan, Nicholas Kiefer, Julia Kuhr, Laura Daniels, Clay Brown, Jacob McGee, and Lauryn Hill.

Lakota West had 22 students win regional awards for 40 different artwork entries. Those students include: Meredith Elstun (2 pieces), Jennifer Ellison (2 pieces), Harris Fields (3 pieces), Emily Drexelius (4 pieces), Lauren Cooley, Kathrine Musolino (2 pieces), Alyson Power (2 pieces), Mary Garand (3 pieces), Megan Lee (3 pieces), Esther Welchez, Hannah Sharkey, Keira Burkhardt (2 pieces), Nicole Sturgeon, Kathleen Ullrich, Gabriella Halfhill, Shelby Lambright (3 pieces), Brooke Boellner, Olivia Popp, Gillian Jordan (2 pieces), Hailey Mulholland (2 pieces), Samantha Freeland, and Annie Engel.

"Our Lakota high school art program has gained a reputation among top colleges for producing dedicated art students," said Lakota East Art Teacher Linda Augutis. She added that many scholarships are offered to students in these exhibitions to help with their college studies.

"Upon graduation, our students establish very successful careers in art and design. These awards reflect the diligent work and talent that our students put forth every day."