Lakota Learning Team Launches New Blog

Lakota Learning Team Launches New Blog
Posted on 03/16/2018
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Lakota Learning Blog collageLakota educators will be the voice behind the all-new “Inside Lakota Learning” blog.

The Lakota learning experience is one filled with inquiry, innovation and discovery. Every student's learning style, passions and interests are different, which is why the experience of one student will never be exactly that of another. It's why Lakota teachers and support staff are committed to student-centered learning and providing a personalized approach marked by differentiated teaching methods.


Let the Lakota Learning Team explain what that means and how that goal plays out on a daily basis in our classrooms. Through this blog, they will explore important topics in education and how those impact the strategy behind Lakota's student-centered curriculum and how different methods meet students' educational needs. And because learning doesn't stop at school, they'll provide tips and strategies for how to be partners in the learning process and create a positive learning environment at home.


The blog’s topics will oftentimes coincide with the parent engagement resources the Lakota Learning team has already introduced this year, including its monthly parent engagement sessions.


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