Lakota Students: Share a Staff Shout-Out

Lakota Students: Share a Staff Shout-Out Video Message
Posted on 06/30/2017
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Our teachers and support staff are the driving force behind Lakota’s daily mission to provide students with the best educational experience. From the front office to the classroom to the cafeteria – and everywhere in between – it’s no surprise that our students have great stories about those Lakota staff who make them smile and have left a lasting impression.

That is why Lakota is kicking off the 2017-18 school year in a fanfare fashion for our staff. And we need your help to remind our teachers and support staff exactly why their work makes a difference – in the eyes of the people they serve each day.

All Lakota students in grades K-12 are invited to submit a short video or written description (see below) about the Lakota staff person who consistently made their day brighter at any point throughout their Lakota career. Feel free to direct your shout-out at any teacher, principal, custodian, nurse, guidance counselor or other staff person who stands out to you.

A student from each Lakota school will be featured in a short video we’ll unveil at our all-staff kick-off event, and later with the rest of the Lakota community. Although we may use your video submission, it’s possible we’ll ask you to come in and record it again with us, too, on July 17 or 18. Follow these guidelines to help make your original submission one we can use in the final video.

Video Submission Instructions & Guidelines

  1. Begin your video by stating your name, school and grade level for the 2017-2018 school year. Please also provide your phone number in case follow-up information is required.
  2. Begin your testimonial by stating the staff member’s name and school you’d like to recognize. For example:
    • I want to send a shout out to STAFF NAME at SCHOOL NAME…
    • I’ll always remember STAFF NAME at SCHOOL NAME.
  3. In 2-3 sentences, share why that person made such an impact on you.
  4. Video submissions should not exceed 30 seconds in length.
  5. Record your video horizontally, not vertically.
  6. Record the video in a well-lit, quiet area and as close to the microphone as possible.
  7. Avoid selfie videos and ask someone to hold the camera for you.
  8. Submit your video via Twitter @LakotaDistrict or Facebook as a private message on the Lakota Schools page.

To be considered for the video we’ll debut to staff in August, all submissions are due by Monday, July 10.

If you wish to submit your shout-out in writing and be contacted about scheduling a time to be recorded, please complete the form below.