Lakota Students Big Winners in Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Lakota Students Big Winners in Regional Scholastic Art Awards
This is the image for the news article titled Lakota Students Big Winners in Regional Scholastic Art AwardsMadison Lentz mixed media art piece

Lakota high school students were big winners in the Regional Scholastic Art Awards with 142 individual awards and two portfolio winners.

Judges reviewed over 5,000 art pieces on originality, technical skills, and emergence of personal vision or voice. Awards include Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mention designations, and the winning pieces will be on exhibit at the Art Academy of Cincinnati from Jan. 29 through Feb. 9. The regional award ceremony will take place on Feb. 9 at the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Gold Key winners will move on to the national competition in New York City that takes place in March.

“Competing in the Scholastic Art Awards is an important experience for our students,” said West Visual Arts teacher Stephanie Gauer. “It teaches them how to put themselves ‘out there’ and deal with both rejection and acceptance. It is also a great opportunity for our students to get their work recognized at both a regional and national level, which can often lead to scholarships.”

East art instructor Linda Augutis added, “This year’s winners represent the diverse expression of our students who are involved in all of the different art classes offered at Lakota.”

Jennifer Ellison Coming to Life art pieceClick here for a list of the regional winners; Lakota’s Gold Key winners are listed below.

Portfolio Gold Key Awards (consisted of 8 pieces of art)

Madison Lentz (12th Grade): “State of Affairs” Art Portfolio - Drawing and Painting
Olivia Stock (12th Grade): “Fragile”- Art Portfolio - Photography

Individual Gold Key Awards

Lakota East

Madison Lentz (12th Grade): “Thrown Away”- Mixed Media and “Abandoned”- Mixed Media
Clay Brown (12th Grade): “You’ll Know Where to find Me”- Mixed Media; “189” – Painting; “Big Box Cutter”- Sculpture and “The Glow”- Jewelry
Amanda Joiner (12th Grade): “Oh That’s Just Her Face”- Drawing and Illustration
Magdalyn Lehman (12th Grade): “Oncoming Traffic Doesn’t Stop”- Drawing and Illustration; “Lights Out Please”- Drawing and Illustration and “Caught Red-Handed”- Painting
Isabelle Rottenberger (12th Grade): “Loss of Innocence”- Photography
Anastacia Hartinger (10th Grade): “Ring Around the Finger”- Jewelry and “Heavy Metal”- Sculpture
Yvonne Huynh (11th Grade): “Nature at Work”- Jewelry
Jacob Wernke (11th Grade): “Bio Boot” - Sculpture
Laura Daniels (12th Grade): “Evil Eye”- Jewelry
Trevor Welch (12th Grade): “S.Y.D.”- Sculpture
Therese Willging (12th Grade): “Star Seeker”- Sculpture
Gabrielle Behrmann (12th Grade): “Mysteries in the Shadows”- Photography
Benjamin Sabelhaus (12th Grade): “Inside a Person- Digital

Lakota West

Casey Clarke (10th Grade): “Apple, Pomegranate, and Orange” - Drawing and Illustration
Linda Wang (10th Grade): “Me Looking Slightly Worried”- Printmaking
Jaspreet Singh (11th Grade): “The Real Me”- Printmaking
Jennifer Ellison (12th Grade): “Alive”- Painting; “Until I Turned Green”- Painting; “Eleren en Suiker”- Painting; “Coming to Life”- Drawing and Illustration and “Wires Got the Best of Him”- Drawing and Illustration
Cecilia Farrar (12th Grade): “Opa's Chair”- Painting
Jakob West (10th Grade): “Rain Drops”- Photography
Audrey Albert (11th Grade): “Lumos”- Drawing and Illustration
Emily Crawley (11th Grade): “Beauty in Everyday”- Photography
Samantha Freeland (11th Grade): “Starved”- Drawing and Illustration
Meghan Glass (11th Grade): “Ingrained”- Drawing and Illustration
Mitchell Marshall (11th Grade): “Dreaming of the Big Leagues”- Photography
Grace McCaughey (11th Grade): “Peonies”- Drawing and Illustration and “Grubby Little Hands”- Drawing and Illustration
Karol Perez (11th Grade): “Through a Cheerio”- Drawing and Illustration and “Escaping Reality”- Photography
Alyson Power (11th Grade): “Cheers”- Drawing and Illustration and “Don't Let Go”- Photography
Trey Small (11th Grade): “Eye on the Sparrow”- Drawing and Illustration and “Skilled Hands at Work”- Drawing and Illustration
Larisa Gorgas (12th Grade): “The Artist”- Drawing and Illustration
Megan Lee (12th Grade): “Frozen”- Photography and “Consolidation”- Photography
Olivia Stock (12th Grade): “Drowning”- Photography; “Choked by Society”- Photography and “Looming”- Photography
Giavanna Tur (12th Grade): “Sour”- Photography
Zixin Yang (12th
Grade): “Childhood”- Drawing and Illustration

Top image: Madison Lentz (12th Grade): “Thrown Away”- Mixed Media; Bottom image: Jennifer Ellison (12th Grade): “Coming to Life”- Drawing and Illustration