Local Business Community Experiences Levy Dollars at Work

Local Business Community Experiences Levy Dollars at Work
Posted on 03/22/2017
Chamber iPadsThe local business community got just a taste of what Lakota students – and their future workforce – are now experiencing in the classroom when it comes to the district’s follow-through on a levy promise to boost instructional technology.

It came in the form of a “Trivia Night,” a new addition to the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance’s Annual Celebration, held March 10 at the Cincinnati Marriott North. Using iPads on loan from Lakota, tables worked together to tackle trivia questions tied to the 20-year anniversary of the Union Centre Boulevard interchange.

To complete the game, they also used the same app that many Lakota teachers use to not only personalize learning through data-driven activities, but also to make learning fun and interactive for their students.

“The iPads were the big hit of the evening and really proved just how much they contribute to student learning,” said Chamber Vice President of Special Events Kathy Rambo. “We enjoyed the chance to give our business community a flavor for how our schools are using the levy dollars in a way that engages and better prepares their future employees for the workforce.”

The unique partnership put on display just one example of how instructional technology has been introduced into Lakota’s learning environments since the November 2013 levy passage. Since then, Lakota has introduced thousands of modern devices along with several industry-leading applications to enhance classroom learning.

“The levy funds allowed Lakota to fulfill our promise to rebuild our aging technology infrastructure and provide modern devices to support modern instructional practices and digital tools,” said Lakota’s Chief Technology Officer Todd Wesley. “These funds also support a dedicated team of digital learning specialists to support teachers in purposefully integrating these tools to impact student learning.”

Krista Heidenreich, Lakota's director of Digital Learning, notes, “It is exciting to see how digital learning is not only providing our students the opportunity to increase their individualization and ownership of learning, but also provides them with experiences to develop skills in areas such as collaboration and communication that will have benefits for both the remainder of their school career as well as their life after Lakota.”