VanGorden Rocks Kindness-Inspired Art Project

VanGorden Rocks Kindness-Inspired Art Project
Posted on 11/21/2017
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photo of students with rock gardenA school-wide art project at VanGorden Elementary challenged students and staff, alike, to practice and promote a culture of inclusiveness, positivity, and respect for one another.

The finished products - 900 rocks hand-painted with messages like “Love” and “Believe in Yourself” and others to resemble their artist’s favorite things - now adorn one of the landscaping beds at the school’s entrance.

“I challenged students and staff to design their rock with one purpose in mind - to make someone smile and feel welcome when coming to VanGorden,” said art teacher Cathy Dorff. “A project like this unifies our school community and serves as a great conversation starter.”

“It’s part of our strategy to intersect lessons of kindness into the curriculum,” explained VanGorden Principal Gail Allshhouse. “Those lifelong skills are of critical importance to the education we provide to our students.”

Dorff said the project will be a new tradition at VanGorden. In future years, incoming second-graders will add their painted rocks to the original collection.​​​​​​​