Write Challenge Reception Honors Lakota Writers

Write Challenge Reception Honors Lakota Writers
Posted on 05/05/2017
Younger writer poses with her awards

Write challenge winner with awardsA "Celebration of Writing" was held last week to honor the winners of the annual Write Challenge contest for Lakota students in grades K- 12. The competition (sponsored by the Lakota LEADS parent group) encouraged Lakota students to submit narrative essays, personal essays or poetry focused on a theme – this year’s theme was “risk."

"LEADS loves the opportunity to bring the Write Challenge to our students every year," shared LEADS President Alyssa Louagie. "Lakota has extremely talented writers, and this year's winners amaze me with what they submitted for our theme, risk. They really poured a lot of creativity and imagination into their writing and took a risk themselves in entering a competition open over 17,000 students!"

The reception included an inspiring talk and Q & A with Kerrie Hollihan, a local non-fiction author for children and young adults. She talked about her writing journey, and shared why she started in the non-fiction field and why she believes non-fiction books are so important for students.

As part of the ceremony, 37 first, second, and third place winners received a certificate of recognition, a medal and a signed copy of one of Kerrie Hollihan's books. Click here to see an anthology of the winning entries. 

Lakota LEADS (Lakota's Enrichment and Academic Development of Students) is a non-profit group that runs many programs and events in the district such as Pi Day, Invention Convention, ongoing book clubs, and the Write Challenge. For more information, click here to visit the LEADS website.

The winners will also be honored at the Lakota Board of Education meeting on Monday, May 8.

Photo: Liberty ECS student Aubrey Yeazell, poses with her awards for her poetry piece about a sleepover.

2017 Write Challenge Winners

​K-2 Poetry
Aubrey Yeazell- 1st place, Liberty ECS

K-2 Essay
Madison Springmyer - 1st place, Independence

3-4 Poetry
Kais Alwawi- 1st place, Union
Bonny Kirkmeyer- 2nd place, Endeavor

3-4 Narrative
Madeline Kirkmeyer- 1st place, Endeavor
Calleigh Ethier- 2nd place, Independence
Bonny Kirkmeyer- 3rd place, Endeavor

3-4 Essay
Sophie Hard- 1st place, Heritage
Bonny Kirkmeyer- 2nd place, Endeavor
Tori Schneider- 3rd place- Heritage

5-6 Poetry
Angelica Bhatti- 1st place, Independence
Audrey Shooner- 2nd place, Woodland
Anna Axelson- 3rd place, Independence 

5-6 Narrative
Sara Sparling- 1st place, Woodland
Madison Price- 2nd place, Woodland
Meera Kandambath- 3rd place, Adena

5-6 Essay
Samantha Sjoquist- 1st place, Heritage
Kaitlyn Wilhelm- 2nd place, Cherokee
7-8 Poetry
Anitvir Taunque- 1st place, Plains Junior
Allison Reed- 2nd place, Ridge Junior
Caroline Batt- 3rd place, Plains Junior

7-8 Narrative
Daniel Moftakhar- 1st place, Ridge Junior
Allison Reed- 2nd place, Ridge Junior
Claudia Meador- 3rd place, Hopewell Junior

7-8 Essay
Dana Shi- 1st place, Plains Junior
Supreeth Koppula- 2nd Place, Plains Junior
Caitlyn DiFillipo- 3rd Place, Hopewell Junior 

9-12 Poetry
Emma Jack- 1st place, Lakota West
Shannon Pullyblank- 2nd place, Lakota West
McKinley Addington- 3rd place, Lakota West

9-12 Narrative
Tyson Jung- 1st place, Lakota West
McKinley Addington- 2nd place, Lakota West
Eva Due- 3rd place, Lakota West

9-12 Essay
Sarah Wilson- 1st place, Lakota West
Alex Smith- 2nd place, Lakota East               
Isabella Curcio- 3rd place, East Freshman