Wyandot Celebrates a Special Birthday

Wyandot Celebrates a Special Birthday
Posted on 11/02/2017
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giant wyandot birthday cardIt was the biggest birthday party any of the students at Wyandot Early Childhood Center had ever attended. Last week’s celebration marked Wyandot’s 10-year anniversary, and it drew many guests that once called Wyandot home.

Each class made birthday cards for the school that decorated the walls of the lobby and cafeteria (see photo). Each card had a QR code attached to it, and guests could use their phones to hear special messages from the class.

The Lakota East Cheerleaders (many of whom were the first to attend Wyandot as kindergarten and first grade students) were also part of the fun, leading the children in a cheer to celebrate the occasion. The students also performed A Brand New Day, a song about Wyandot written by the Rick Charrette and the kindergarten class of 2013. guests at Wyandot birthday party

Wyandot PTO and Wyandot Child Nutrition teamed up to supply 800 cookies for everyone to enjoy.

“We were excited to be joined by many special guests that have been part of Wyandot’s history, including the principal who opened the building, Elizabeth Spurlock,” said Principal Mary Brophy. “It was a special day to take a few minutes to honor where we started as a school, and where we are headed.”