Getting College Advice through Pen Pal Program

Lakota High School Students Get College Advice through Engineering Pen Pal Program
Posted on 04/22/2019
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pen pal lettersLakota East, West students are getting advice about engineering, preparing for college and more through a pen pal program with the Ohio State University Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Sarah Shaffer, a 2016 Lakota West graduate serves as the chapter’s Outreach Director. The club has initiatives geared toward students in grades K-1; a pen pal program was started last year to connect OSU students with current high school students. 

“It’s an easy way for students to get an idea of what college is like and to ask questions about engineering,” said Shaffer. “Many Lakota students go to OSU, so this program is a really good fit.”

The SWE Chapter works with four different high schools, including Lakota East and West. High school students are identified through each school’s Women in Science and Engineering Club.

Currently there are 40 girls paired as part of the pen pal program which started at the beginning of the school year. All participants take an initial survey about majors and other interests to help create the best matches possible.

Popular topics discussed include majors, classes, college essays and scholarships.

East senior Cali Hoffman said, “Through the pen pal relationship, I have been able to ask questions about college and what classes would be most beneficial to me in high school. Overall, I have been able to gain a mentor that is more than willing to help me out whenever I may need it!”

Bailey Betz, who is a junior at Lakota East, added, “The pen pal program really allowed me to be able to express my love for science with someone who feels the same way I do! Also, it was honestly amazing to be able to talk to someone with a similar major because I was able to ask a ton of questions about what the coursework is like and what college is like too. It helped alleviate much of the anxiety I had about college, and made me more excited than ever about what lies ahead!”