Personalized Learning: The Flexible Playlist

Personalized Learning Video: The Flexible Playlist
Posted on 11/18/2019
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Flexible Playlist GraphicPersonalized learning does not discriminate on the basis of grade level or subject area. Case in point: Lisa Sizemore’s second grade class at Wyandot Early Childhood School. 

As part of Lakota’s move toward more personalized learning, Sizemore introduced flexible playlists into her Math Workshop this year. Playlists give students a list of options from which to choose, each activity reinforcing a skill or concept they’ve learned in a different way. 

Besides the element of student choice, the strategy allows students to pace their own learning and also get more individualized attention from their teacher whose time spent delivering content can be shifted to circulating around the room.  Sizemore has seen a significant spike in student engagement and growth. 

“I’ve been really surprised at how well the children have taken to it,” Sizemore said. “I wasn’t really certain that they would do well with all the freedom, but I see a lot of smiles and laughter and I think they really enjoy the choice.” 

Watch this video to learn how a flexible playlist model is making all the difference for students all around Lakota and stay tuned for more examples of personalized learning in this continuing video series.