Ridge Jr Students Redesigning Announcements

Ridge Junior Students Redesigning the Way Information is Shared
Posted on 01/17/2020
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Students standing and kneeling in groupSchool announcements are coming to life over at Ridge Junior School thanks to this year’s video announcements.

Principal Ben Brown wanted to give students a chance to “tap into the personal learning aspect of students following their interests during RISE time.” RISE time is the school’s advisory period and is an acronym for Realize, Innovate, Serve and Empower.

Brown tapped into the schools media design and communication teacher, Alexandra Cook, to head up the project, who took it a step further. “I wanted to open up the announcements to the whole school because I know there are students with a passion and interest in creating videos, but they may be limited by their elective choices,” Cook said. “This gives them an opportunity to learn video editing that they might not have otherwise. Plus it gives me students who are passionate about creating the videos, which makes the whole process more fun.” Cook sends out a Google form quarterly for students to complete if they are interested in participating.

Seventh-grader Zoe Heidt is one of those students. “It seemed like a fun thing to do (after) watching it,” Heidt explained. “When I saw a chance to sign up, I said yes.” Heidt likes the student ownership of the project. “Students create the content ideas. Then they can produce the segment or find someone who will help them.”

“When the students have ownership of their work, they take pride in what they create,” Cook said. “I think it is important for their ideas to be heard and taken into consideration, especially at this age when they are starting to form their own ideas about the world. It is a confidence boost for them to see their hard work come together into a creative final product like this.”

The videos cover topics like the all-important lunch choices, weather and sports. There is also a wise word segment, which is one of Eddie Maples’ favorites. The seventh-grader explained that this section shows inspirational quotes that relate to school and trying your best. When asked what one of his favorites is, he recited Chris Guillebeau’s “If plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters.”

In addition to video and editing skills, students are learning valuable lessons such as time management and meeting deadlines. All segments must be completed by Friday morning in order to be included in the finished product.

An added benefit for students is the opportunity to work with friends and even meet new people. “It gives you a chance to make new friends,” said Heidt. “You never know who’s going to be here until they show up.”