East Seniors Bring Back Student Safety Committee

East Seniors Bring Back Student Safety Committee
Posted on 02/13/2020
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student safety committe collageSchool safety is the number one priority at Lakota, and some students at Lakota East are stepping up to do their part to make sure their school is as safe as possible.

Each year students and staff receive ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) active shooter response training, showing them how to respond to different scenarios in the event of an intruder in the building. 

“The trainers pointed out the trauma kits found on the walls of the school, saying that if you are able to use the equipment and need to, you can help,” said senior Zach Timmons. “But then the trainers said most people have no idea how to effectively use the kits. We wanted to change that.” 

So Zach and fellow senior Leo Rolfert set out to bring back the Lakota East Student Safety Committee that had been created back in Feb. 2018 after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) shooting. Originally, the committee was established to help support the students that had been affected at MSD by hosting fundraisers, sending a banner of support to MSD and holding a ceremony at East to honor the 17 victims. 

One of the first projects for the new Student Safety Committee was to get training on how to use the trauma kits in case of a medical emergency. Zach and Leo reached out to the Liberty Township Fire Department, and they offered free training courses in December to eight students. During the eight-hour session, the students received First Aid, CPR and Stop the Bleed training. 

"Liberty Township Fire Department was honored to educate the Lakota East students on first aid and CPR. The students were interested in making a positive impact in their community,” said CPR training coordinator Ryan Goller. “In case of an emergency, the students now have the basic skills to take action when seconds matter." 

“I was surprised at how quickly students signed up to take the training,” said Zach. “It was great to see students taking time out of their schedule to take extra steps to be able to help others.” East had to narrow the list of 40 students down to eight, selecting a few from each grade level. The Fire Department will offer the training again this fall for more students. 

Another goal for the committee is to offer student input about school safety. The group recently got the opportunity to do just that when representatives from Ohio’s Department of Homeland Security visited Lakota in January. Members of the Student Safety Committee were able to provide feedback about safety marketing materials, and they also participated in a brainstorming session about future ways to engage students about school safety. 

The Student Safety Committee is currently looking for a teacher advisor to reinstate the group as an official school club. The committee now has about 10 members, but Leo and Zach expect that to grow quite a bit once the club is official and they can do more recruiting. In 2018, the committee had 50 active members. 

The group has been brainstorming on future plans, which could include things like self-defense classes. “We want to increase student input and help students get extra skills that are applicable not only here at school, but also in life,” said Zach. 

“The Student Safety Committee is something that Zach and I want to have carry on for years to come,” said Leo. “In that way people, youth especially, can help make the world a safer place.”