Transportation Requests Due by July 20

Submit 2021-2022 Transportation Requests by July 20
Posted on 04/29/2021
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bus with caption saying forms due on July 20To ease the transition to a new school year and honor families’ requests for alternative pick-up and drop-off locations for transportation, Lakota is asking that families submit transportation forms by July 20 to receive transportation on the first day of school. There are now separate forms for early childhood and elementary school students.

Grades K-2: Early childhood schools ask that all families complete a form to have on file, even if transportation is not needed.

Transportation Form (K-2)

Grades 3-6: By default, transportation for all eligible students is based on the home address listed in Home Access Center. All alternative transportation plans are automatically cleared at the end of each school year, so please complete the form before each school year if you’ll require transportation to or from an address different than your home address.

Transportation Form (Grades 3-6)

Please honor the deadlines below to receive transportation for the upcoming school year. Note that this is for current families already enrolled at Lakota. New families enrolling will receive transportation information approximately 48 hours after registration is completed.

Form Submission Deadline Transportation Available

July 20, 2021                                  First day of school

Aug. 12, 2021                                 Aug. 24, 2021

After Aug. 12, 2021                       Sept. 2, 2021

After Sept. 3, 2021                        All forms will be processed within 48 hours.