Non-Profit Internships

Non-Profit Career Partners

Liberty Township

Students interested in local government have the opportunity to work with Liberty Township professionals to gain hands-on experience during a one week internship.

Selected students will rotate among ten different areas, including government services, operations, economic development, finance, planning and zoning, and safety services. The internship experiences take place at the Liberty Township administration building.

Summer 2017 Information:
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Liberty Township Internship Brochure
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West Chester Township

Lakota has partnered with West Chester Township to offer students the ability to learn directly from local government administrators.

During the course of a week, students attend four-hour rotations in ten different areas. Sessions are held at the West Chester Township Administration building and include government leadership, operations, community development, safety services, finance, and multimedia and marketing.

Summer 2017 Information:
Detailed Description: West Chester Township
West Chester Township Internship Brochure
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Community First Solutions

Community First Solutions is Lakota’s first partner to offer a social work internship experience to high school students, specifically serving senior citizens.

Students will focus on a different aspect of social work on each of the three days of the pilot program. Students will spend time at several Community First locations that serve Butler County’s senior population to learn about the administrative responsibilities and social services needed in a senior retirement community and for aging-in-the-home clients, as well as explore career options in social work.

Spring 2016 Information:
Community First Solutions Internship Brochure