Open Enrollment

Three individuals from different generations all holding a sign that together read "WE are Lakota"

Open Enrollment

Each school year, the Lakota Board of Education re-evaluates the district's open enrollment policy and votes on whether or not to approve its renewal. If renewed, under Board Policy 5113, students residing in other Ohio school districts can apply to attend Lakota. 

When accepting new applications, current open enrollment students always receive first priority. In an effort to keep classes at their standard size, the district places a cap on the number of open enrollment students it can accept each year. New applicants may not always receive their first school of choice, depending on the school’s base enrollment for students residing within its attendance zone.

Current Status
of Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is not available for the current school year. 

Information regarding open enrollment for the next school year is usually available here in early May if approved by the Lakota Board of Education.